Technology Fiesta! Mexican Food and Product Distributor Upgrades Network

Technology Fiesta! Mexican Food and Product Distributor Upgrades Network

Bust Open the PiƱata, It’s a Technology Fiesta!

A Mexican Food and Products distributor, and existing HubWise customer, is getting an equipment upgrade.  Working with the customer to determine their needs, HubWise put together a plan and solution that includes a new servers, PCs, and networking equipment.  The customer had some older equipment and will be consolidating a number of physical servers into two virtual servers.  The consolidation will reduce costs for equipment while providing more performance and storage for the growing organization.

HubWise is continuing to work with the customer on long term support, asset management, and technology deployment to help the business run with the right technology, not just more.

As part of the project, Sage 100c is being upgraded to the latest version and proof of concepts are being conducted on tablet and mobile device use for field employees.  The customer is looking to reduce the technology requirements for the field employees, simplify processes, and speed up work.  This will help deliver better and more accurate orders and help to reduce costs and lost productivity.

All Aboard! Industrial Equipment Provider On Board with HubWise

All Aboard! Industrial Equipment Provider On Board with HubWise

Running down the tracks.

An Industrial Equipment Provider has signed a managed services agreement with HubWise to deploy, manage, and support their technology equipment.  HubWise will be reconfiguring and redeploying some of the current technology in place to help provide a supportable baseline.  During the process, HubWise made recommendations on how best to layout the current configuration to provide a better running and better supported deployment.

Over the next few weeks, HubWise will be actively deploying HubWise Spark agents into the network to gather data on the current operation of the business.  The data gathered will be used to develop a support and management plan going forward.

Long term, HubWise will be working with the company to provide help with asset management and equipment deployment for the local and remote employees.

Tacos in the Cloud: Fast Food Franchise selects HubWise Technology for Support and Hosting

Tacos in the Cloud: Fast Food Franchise selects HubWise Technology for Support and Hosting

HubWise will deploy a cloud solution to reduce onsite infrastructure needs.

Facial Recognition and masks

A fast food franchise is moving to the cloud with the help of HubWise Technology.  Currently using Sage 100, the franchisee needed a place to run their applications while reducing their overhead for office space.  HubWise is deploying a managed hosting solution for the company, and will support the ongoing network and applications for the business.

The company said hosting made sense for them as they no longer needed a physical location to store their business critical applications and servers.  HubWise has a globally available and redundant solution to provide anywhere/anytime access to the applications for the business.  This will allow the users to spend more time focused on and in the restaurants, and less time on the functionality of their network.

During the deployment, the current Sage applications will be upgraded and will also be supported by HubWise.  HubWise has helped the business to develop custom reporting and integration tools for their store data, cutting down on the amount of time necessary for data entry and preventing errors.

Contact us today to discuss your network infrastructure and see how HubWise Technology can help.

Manufacturing Company signs agreement for HubWise Managed Services

Manufacturing Company signs agreement for HubWise Managed Services

Proactive management of the deployed technology is a big driver in the decision.

A manufacturing company with multiple plants and locations has signed an agreement with HubWise Technology.  The company, which sells into all 50 states and internationally, will upgrade existing hardware and software while looking to HubWise for ongoing support and management.

HubWise Technology will be deploying all of the HubWise services to provide proactive management of the organization’s technology needs.  HubWise Spark, the AI engine behind the HubWise managed services, will start working in the next few weeks to provide an unprecedented look into the current technology deployment in place.

The manufacturing firm previously relied on the company’s controller to resolve some of the technical issues that were arising.  HubWise will take over the day-to-day support and free up the controller’s time to allow him to work on more strategic initiatives.  Everyone in the company will have access to the HubWise Hub for asking questions or solving problems with their applications and network.

HubWise will deploy Spare and Armor to provide a reliable recovery/DR solution, and security solution to help prevent malware and ransomware from infecting the organization.

HubWise will also be working with the company to develop an ongoing budgeting and technology rotation roadmap to ensure that the applications and network that drive the business forward is always operating at its best.  During the process of developing the solution, it became apparent that the network and it’s applications being available was paramount to the ongoing growth and success of the business.

HubWise Technology provides proactive services to help businesses manage their technology.  Reach out today to see how HubWise can help.

Health Center moves from QuickBooks to Sage 100c

Health Center moves from QuickBooks to Sage 100cSage 100c will provide custom financial reports and better security

A health center that provides low-cost medical and dental services to low income families with and without insurance, has decided to move from QuickBooks to Sage 100c.  HubWise Technology will be integrating Sage 100c and migrating existing data over the next few months.  Sage 100c will launch on January 1st.

The health center has specific financial reporting requirements based on the services they deliver.  HubWise Technology will be helping to develop those reports.  With the ability to have custom reports ready to go, this will save time as the manual work of creating them on a monthly basis will be gone.

Security was another concern as the health center needed a system that provided more granularity in it’s security permissions and audit trails for GAAP accounting purposes.  In the health care industry, keeping financial and patient information secure is a must.  The organization also needs to be able to produce detailed audit and transactions logs if necessary.

If you want to discuss a transition away from QuickBooks reach out to us today.

Real Estate Company Invests in Document Management

Real Estate Company Invests in Document Management

HubWise Technology helps a local real estate company simplify their accounting processes with DocLink.

DocLink, a document management and workflow solution from Altec, helps companies reduce their paper needs and simplifies the process for routing and approving documents.

With over 50 employees responsible for approving invoices, reviewing accounts payable in a timely manner is a challenge.  Using DocLink from Altec, the company will route electronic versions of AP invoices to the right person regardless of where they are.  The employees review, make notes, and approve invoices quickly and easily.

Simplified expense reporting is done with DocLink Mobile and Smart Forms.  Employees create and submit expense reports while attaching pictures of receipts from their smartphones.  Lost and unreadable receipts are eliminated, and expense reports are submitted accurately and on time.

Once approved, the information is integrated into Sage 100c removing the need to double enter information.

HubWise Technology works with companies to increase productivity and save time.  DocLink combines document management and document routing, and integrates directly with the top ERP solutions, like Sage 100c.  Time is saved and productivity is increased while accounting processes are simplified.

Want to see how DocLink and Sage 100c can help your business processes?  Contact HubWise Technology today.