Credential Security 

To help you strengthen your credential security, we encourage you to take the following precautions:  Review access to your technology tools. It is often an afterthought, but as users leave or changes take place in your organization, you may need to adjust permissions accordingly. It is best practice to grant access to tools that an individual currently needs access to. Any… Read more about Credential Security 

Rocketbook Wave Review 

The Rocketbook Wave notebook is an erasable notebook that can upload the contents of your pages to a number of online sources.  I have recently started using this as my primary note-taking device.  I have always been an online notes taker.  After I got my first tablet computer, I finally found a way to really keep track of the notes I… Read more about Rocketbook Wave Review 

Cleaning Up Our Act

Doing the little things… David and Stephen are a couple of HubWisers.  They descended upon one of our newer customer to cleanup the server closet from the previous provider. What a huge difference!  Not only does it look better: All production devices are now running through UPS We documented which critical devices are connected to… Read more about Cleaning Up Our Act

I’m Scott, I want to help your business “Do Better”

I’m Scott, I want to help your business “Do Better.” When I was growing up, my dad owned and operated several small businesses, including an auto body shop on 84th and L.   I learned the value of hard work there, prepping and detailing cars, and  I also learned about running a small business.    My dad… Read more about I’m Scott, I want to help your business “Do Better”