Is your Managed Services Helpdesk Ready for the Holidays?

With the holidays right around the corner, have you finalized your action plan to account for a potential increase in tickets while simultaneously dealing with key employees taking extra time off? While many people assume that an IT help desk slows down over the holidays, many times the ticketing level and number of projects stay… Read more about Is your Managed Services Helpdesk Ready for the Holidays?

Windows 1903

Just in the last couple of weeks, Microsoft released their May 2019 update for Windows 10. With it comes several new features and quality of life adjustments. Here are some things you can expect, new tools to try, and how to get the update for yourself. After I finished the update to 1903, one of… Read more about Windows 1903

Rocketbook Wave Review 

The Rocketbook Wave notebook is an erasable notebook that can upload the contents of your pages to a number of online sources.  I have recently started using this as my primary note-taking device.  I have always been an online notes taker.  After I got my first tablet computer, I finally found a way to really keep track of the notes I… Read more about Rocketbook Wave Review 

What does a vCIO do?

One of the terms that has become almost cliché in the managed service world is vCIO. Everyone wants to have and offer a vCIO service, but what does is really do for you? Most of the time, your provider is offering a vCIO (Virtual CIO) service because they know they can’t deliver against your business… Read more about What does a vCIO do?