The Most Commonly Used Email Keywords to look for to Avoid Phishing Scams 

Year over year, email phishing scams have grown in frequency, but 2020 saw the number of malicious emails and sites increase by over 25%.  The easiest way to decrease the likelihood of falling for a phishing scam is to pay attention to the emails you receive and take the time to question if it is from a legitimate source.  To… Read more about The Most Commonly Used Email Keywords to look for to Avoid Phishing Scams 

Facial Recognition and Masks

Advocates of privacy in public spaces are one group that currently enjoy the benefits of wearing a facemask during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Facial recognition software struggles to accurately recognize who someone is while wearing a face covering. Facial recognition software and algorithms are dependent upon collecting as many data points as possible, including distances between facial features.  When this ability to… Read more about Facial Recognition and Masks

Email Security

In our current business environment, email security has been focused on the newest threats. The threats pertaining to Covid-19 are very serious and need to be highlighted but they are not the only type of threat that needs to be emphasized. In times of disaster, malicious actors will always try to take advantage of the… Read more about Email Security

Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Application

What is the right video conferencing application for your business or to stay connected with friends and family while we practice social distancing across the nation? There are several quality options available on the market today and updates are being introduced regularly to these applications to increase their ease of use. With the current importance… Read more about Choosing the Right Video Conferencing Application