We are HubWise Technology, your managed service provider.

Five years ago, we had a wild idea: what if businesses could harness technology to advance their growth and success instead of being an annoying burden? We are proud to say that at HubWise Technology, we’re transforming that idea into reality. As your managed service provider, our technology solutions support your business’s strategic planning and growth efforts to drive your business forward.

Hubwise Technology is your Managed Service Provider in Omaha, Nebraska.

HubWise Technology in a nutshell…

We discovered a simple four-step process that helps businesses like yours strengthen their technology success. Here’s how it works:


Everything we do, from the smallest issue to the largest project has a plan.


We clearly and timely communicate the plan’s status to everyone and ask our customers to do the same.


We set objectives, monitor progress, and provide clear communication to ensure timely delivery.


We will make recommendations to ensure your business is enabled with the right technology to drive success.  We will ask for your recommendations to improve and grow our business.

At HubWise Technology, we are all about turning your business’s technology into your best friend. It starts with us getting to know what makes your business successful and how technology can encourage that success. This way, we can understand what’s important to you and make sure you’ve got all the right technology tools and solutions to achieve your business goals. 

As our team learns and better understands your company’s technology needs, we can provide thoughts, ideas, and plans to help you use technology to improve your business. The HubWise team will help you stay focused on what technology is essential for your business’s daily operations.


It’s our core purpose.

Our Values define how we conduct and interact with each other.

Our values are like the secret sauce to our technology and business success. They guide us on how we interact with our clients, partners, and colleagues to make sure we’re all on the same page and working together towards the common goal – helping our clients achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. Think of us as well-oiled machines working together to make your business thrive!

Say, do it.

We say what we are going to do, and then do it.

Fearless Innovation.

We are fearlessly aware of industry technology trends and innovation.

We are constantly aware of changes in business and technology. We don’t let the past scare us away from change. The way it was doesn’t mean the way it is or should be.

Be Specific.

Not just in words, but also in actions. No beating around the bush. Better, specific communication drives success at all levels.

No Bull$h1!t.

Enough Said.

The Managed Service Provider features at a glance.

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we provide various technology services to help your organization reduce IT costs, improve operational efficiency, increase business agility, and free up internal resources to focus on your business, not on the IT.

HubWise Technology is your managed service provider offering help desk technical support and more.

Managed IT Services include:

Help Desk and Technical Support
Tired of being in a tech-tangle? Don’t worry! Our Help Desk team is here to provide top-notch support, tackling any issue you’re having. We believe in treating our customers with respect, always letting them know that we’ve seen their problem and are working on it. For organizations big or small, HubWise Technology is your one-stop shop for all tech help needs. Experience the difference — our friendly team of experts is standing by!

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IT Backup
Don’t let outdated and unreliable backup solutions rain on your parade! HubWise Technology has you covered with custom-tailored IT solutions – secure, reliable, and designed to save you time. Whether it’s a natural disaster or spilled coffee, we make sure your data is protected with a comprehensive backup plan. Rely on us to get the job done right and get back to business as usual.

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IT Monitoring
Keep your IT infrastructure running seamlessly with HubWise Technology’s monitoring solutions! Our integrated system scans everything from traffic to applications, always on the lookout for any potential problems. With our proactive alerts, you will be notified of any technology issue and our team is ready to take care of the issues quickly. Get ahead of the game with 24/7 monitoring and get back to focusing on what really matters.

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IT Security
Make sure your business stays safe and sound with HubWise Technology’s IT security services! Our email security, anti-virus software, network firewalls, and remote desktop solutions help protect your data from viruses, malware, ransomware and more. Keep your business running securely and let us take care of the tech hassles – so you can stay focused on your business.

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Network Intelligence
Get rid of the hassle of tech management with HubWise Technology’s Network Intelligence! Harness the power of data and advanced algorithms to ensure your business stays one step ahead. Automate security, forecasting and incident resolution – so you can focus on what really matters – and stay in control with real-time insights into user demand and cloud performance. With Network Intelligence, you’ll have the knowledge needed to make smarter technology decisions – without leaving your area of expertise.

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IT Strategy
Take the stress out of tech management with HubWise Technology’s regular business review. Our team helps you create a detailed roadmap tailored to your unique business needs and provides solutions to hardware procurement, compliance, disaster recovery planning and more. Get ready for the future by identifying your technology pain points and making sure you have the right tools in place – to ensure that your technologies enabling your success.

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We serve the following Industries as your managed service provider:



Finance and Insurance



Marketing and Advertising


Property Management

Small Business

Meet the HubWise Technology Leadership Team

Kyle Swanda is Partner and Executive Vice President at HubWise Technology, your managed service provider.

Kyle Swanda

Chief Executive Officer

I am one of HubWise Technology’s co-founders and oversee the sales and marketing department.
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Joe Schwaller is the President at HubWise Technology, your managed service provider.

Joe Schwaller

President and Chief Financial Officer

I “Keep Score” at HubWise by handling the company’s finances, accounting, administration, legal and regulatory matters.
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Scott Wilson is Partner and Executive Vice President at HubWise Technology, your managed service provider.

Scott Wilson

Chief Operating Officer

As the Executive Vice President at HubWise, I lead our team to take our clients’ technology infrastructure and turn it into a well-oiled machine.
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Jason Moen is the Business Development at HubWise Technology, your managed service provider.

Jason Moen

Business Development

My ultimate goal at HubWise Technology is to provide our customers with the best experience possible, which begins with our initial conversation.
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Jake Molko is the Senior Project Engineer at HubWise Technology, your managed service provider.

Jake Molko

Senior Project Engineer

As part of the HubWise Team, Jake does a little of everything to ensure our client’s technology success.
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HubWise Technology partners with trusted vendors as your Managed Service Provider.

We support businesses in over 30 cities who are growing their technology support with HubWise Technology.

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