Powerful technology in our network intelligence solution.

You might be an expert in your industry, but that doesn’t mean you should have to keep up with every new technology on the market. That’s where the technology solutions at HubWise come in – our data learning systems monitor and learn from what’s happening in your business technology devices, so you don’t have to. With HubWise Technology’s Network Intelligence, you’re set up for success without leaving your area of expertise.

HubWise Technology provides powerful technology in its network intelligence solution.

What is Network Intelligence?

Network Intelligence is more than just about data, tech, and algorithms – it’s about giving your business the power to see into today’s connected world. Unlike traditional network monitoring limited to older, internally-owned networks and services, Network Intelligence gives you insight into internet and cloud services so you can make smarter technology decisions. With network Intelligence, you can see exactly how well your cloud apps are performing, monitor user demand in real-time, and get a clearer picture of your customers so you can give them the digital experiences they deserve.

It’s not exactly artificial intelligence, but the foundation is the same.

Our Network Intelligence is working day and night in the background, learning and adapting. The system automates security and forecasts, monitors, and resolves similar incidents automatically; across all of our clients. This means you can focus on running your business without worrying about your network’s well-being. That’s what we call smart network management!

HubWise Technology network intelligence uses the same foundation as Artificial Intelligence.