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Why Accounting firms choose HubWise Technology

Accountant Choosing HubWise Technology as their IT provider.

Planning Throughout the year, we meet for regular business reviews to put in place a roadmap to success.  These are individualized plans to meet your needs, and customized based on the priorities that are most important to you. These discussions will focus on current and future needs.  Together, we create this plan to eliminate any potential problems […]

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The Difference Between Break-Fix and Managed Services

The Difference Between Break-Fix and Managed Services Featured Image.

Understanding the Break-Fix Model The break-fix model for providing IT support works the same as when you have a broken pipe, you call a plumber.  In the IT world, it could be a network issue, software, or hardware, if something is broken, you call to get it fixed, and the transaction ends there. Typically, this is […]

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8 Essential Email Security Practices for You and Your Business

Email has become an integral part of our daily communication, and it has also become a significant target for cyber attackers. Securing your companies email is crucial to ensuring the protection of the data that your company holds. Many emails contain sensitive and confidential information, including financial details, personal information, and business strategies. It is […]

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Benefits of using Office 365

Office 365 is a versatile productivity suite that helps businesses save time and money. With cloud-based applications and services, it’s easy to access on any device from anywhere. Real-time collaboration tools let teams collaborate easily, while enhanced security features protect data against cyber threats. Cost-effective with scalability and regular updates, Office 365 is the perfect choice for businesses, big or small. At HubWise Technology, we can help you get started with Office 365!

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The Most Commonly Used Email Keywords to look for to Avoid Phishing Scams

Year over year, email phishing scams have grown in frequency, but 2020 saw the number of malicious emails and sites increase by over 25%.  The easiest way to decrease the likelihood of falling for a phishing scam is to pay attention to the emails you receive and take the time to question if it is from a legitimate source.  To […]

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Importance of Creating Technology Road Maps

We set out with each of our customers to systematically create a technology road map with our customers. This road map is created through regular business reviews with a goal to create a system that verifies that technology will never hinder their growth. Not only do we schedule regular reviews with our customers, but they […]

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Facial Recognition and Masks

Facial recognition software and algorithms are dependent upon collecting as many data points as possible, including distances between facial features.  When this ability to measure has been taken away by a face covering, the accuracy of the software plummets.  Many governmental agencies and private businesses are desperately trying to find a way to reprogram the algorithm’s that […]

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Is a TikTok Ban Coming to the United States

I understand the popularity of the application, mix in music, dancing, and a video slightly longer than a vine and hours of entertainment follows.  My daughter, has been an avid user of the TikTok for years, and while her account is set to private and we routinely audit who she follows and who is following her, I […]

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