Scott Wilson

Chief Operating Officer and Founder

Hi. I’m Scott Wilson, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at HubWise Technology. 

Growing up, I worked at my father’s shop and gained experience in running a small business. I picked up valuable skills from sweeping the floors as a janitor to being an estimator. My college career took me to two different schools. On music and academic scholarships, I initially attended Trinity College before transferring to New York University to pursue a career in acting. Little did I know then that I would have a career in technology and return to Omaha.

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Scott Wilson is Executive Vice President at HubWise Technology. 

During my second year at New York University, I switched gears to focus on science. As a result, I earned an internship at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital’s research lab, where I learned to build networks and small database programs to support various teams.

After returning to Omaha, I connected with Kyle Swanda at P & L Technology. Together we grew the company to a sizable organization, refining its execution and profitability. After three years, the company sold, prompting us to start our own technology organization, HubWise Technology.

Over the years, I have helped multiple Managed Service Providers expand and enhance their operations. I am a Microsoft and certified ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) instructor and an ITIL consultant. Additionally, I’ve published two Microsoft training courses and a book on Cloud Computing for McGraw Hill, an American educational publishing company and one of the “big three” academic publishers that publish educational content, software, and services for pre-K through postgraduate education.

Three of the HubWise Core Values resonate with me the most:

  1. Fearless Innovation
  2. No Bull$h1t
  3. A desire to always Do Better

When I’m not busy with HubWise Technology, you’ll usually find me with my wife and sons and our pup, watching Husker football.