HubWise in Vegas drives Technology Strategy

No luck at the craps table, but met lots of good people.

Scott and I had an opportunity to spend some time in Fabulous Las Vegas last week at the Kaseya Connect conference.  Kaseya is the platform we use to help us manage our customers endpoints and systems.  While a good focus of the conference was technical in nature, we did get an opportunity to meet and chat with a number of folks about the direction of the managed services business and the technology industry as a whole.

Tech doesn’t have to be a cost center

I expect the next few years to bring a lot of change and transformation to the technology industry.  The migration and drive towards the cloud is changing the requirements for businesses to run.  Now, a new company can startup and get running with a limited amount of capital by utilizing cloud and web based services.  Spending OPEX vs CAPEX money makes is easier to start and grow and reduces requirements for liabilities and taking on investors.  It’s reducing the cost of entry not just for technology based business but also traditional business.  Entrenched business in certain industries may start to feel some increased pressure from low-cost startup competitors and existing competitors that have embraced a change in how to conduct business.  Technology and the use of it doesn’t have to be relegated to the basement.  Technology can be used to provide strategic advantages and help to increase productivity, profitability, and give back time to employees and management.