Optimize Your Building Management System with HubWise

Effortlessly manage your commercial mixed-use property’s IT with HubWise Technology. Leverage our team’s expertise to oversee multiple buildings securely and more efficiently.
We understand the intricacies of managing multiple buildings, and our expertise is here to remove the technological strain so you can better manage your commercial properties. From network security to hardware management, our team handles your IT needs.
You should invest your time and energy in tenant satisfaction and property growth, not troubleshooting IT issues. Step confidently into a new world of property management where security and efficiency are at the heart of business operations.
Are you ready for a more streamlined, tech-supported property management operation?

Experience the Power of Secure Remote Access

With HubWise Technology, your vendor interactions are seamless with access to your remote access portal. From HVAC to security, you won’t have to worry about distributing VPN access or passwords, ensuring your system security is uncompromised. Transform the way your organization collaborates with vendors through our IT solutions.

Say Goodbye to Frequent On-Site Troubleshooting

No longer will you struggle with constant on-site troubleshooting that distracts you from your core responsibilities and inflates operational costs. Our remote-first solution approach removes the need for frequent on-site visits while reducing costs and unneeded disruptions to daily operations. Let us handle the back-end work, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional property management services to your tenants.

Seamlessly connect buildings to your technology infrastructure.

Experience cost-saving advantages as you integrate your building systems with our sophisticated technology infrastructure. Reduce overhead, minimized maintenance costs, and increased energy efficiency are just the beginning. We deliver a streamlined pathway for your property to meet the digital age, accommodating the demands of a modern, connected, and efficient building management system.

Choose our Managed Network for your Building Management Systems (BMS)

Ensure hassle-free, secure vendor interactions by integrating your Building Management Systems (BMS) with our managed solutions. With your Building Management Systems on a secure, separate network, vendors like HVAC providers, access control, and security teams can interface with your property management systems securely and seamlessly.

Stay One Step Ahead with Proactive Monitoring and Alerts

Experience peace of mind with our proactive monitoring service, ensuring we’re aware of you system’s status well before any potential issues surface.. Real-time alerts ensure timely oversight and minimal downtime. This preemptive approach to system alerts allows you to maintain consistency in service delivery, reducing the risk of unplanned disruptions.

Secure and Streamline Vendor Access with Our Customer Portal

Replace multiple VPNs with our secure customer portal, which is the best in class for managing access for various locations. Our secure customer portal is a centralized platform for managing vendor and engineer access to your BMS securely and effortlessly, reducing security risks and simplifying vendor management with a single click.

Comprehensive Property Management Technology Services at Your Fingertips

At HubWise Technology, we cover all your technology needs, from Endpoint Management facilitating streamlined control over your network devices to Security, ensuring a strong defense against potential threats.

Our services include Network Switches for powerful connectivity, reliable Backup solutions to protect your critical data, and much more. Think of us as your one-stop shop for all property management technology services.

Boost Operational Efficiency with Remote Property Management

Experience cost-effectiveness merged with convenience as our technology solutions enable you to manage your commercial properties remotely. We reduce on-site visits, trip charges, and allow your property to be managed remotely.

Our system ensures we’re alerted whenever there’s an issue, reducing maintenance delays and preventing minor issues from escalating into major problems. With HubWise Technology, you have the power to manage, monitor, and maintain your properties, all from the comfort of your office.

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