Response and Resolution Time

You have been working all week long on a proposal that is due by the end of the day.  Hours of writing, thinking, editing, more writing, reworking and the proposal is finally done.  This is for a client that you have spent months chasing, calling, taking to lunch and finally you were giving the opportunity to earn their business. 

The perfect email is crafted, you attach the proposal, hit send and then nothing.  Panic starts to set in, the proposal is due in an hour, you calm your self down, pick up the phone and call your managed service provider.  After 5 rings, you are forced to leave a voicemail.  10 minutes pass, you pick the phone back up, call and they answer this time.  You explain the urgency of the issue and are told by the tech they will get to the issue soon.  20 minutes later, the tech calls you back with more questions, they are ready to start working on the issue.

Current Average Response Time: under 14 minutes

As you stare at the clock, pace and debate calling your provider again, 25 minutes pass and the issue still isn’t resolve.  Finally, your tech realizes that they cannot fix the issue and internally escalates the ticket to a level two tech that can fix what you assume is an easy problem. The last 5 minutes tick by as your deadline passes, unable to send your proposal.  Months of work are lost and the opportunity to earn the business is gone forever.  Eventually your issue is solved, and your email once again is functioning properly, but it is too late for the hard deadline your potential customer has set.

Current Average Resolution Time: under 15 minutes

The above situation happens more often than managed service professionals would like to admit.  At HubWise Technology, we guarantee that this outcome will not befall our customers.  Our response and resolution time are key performance indicators that we constantly measure.  Currently our average response time is under 14 minutes and our average resolution time is under 15 minutes.  We achieve these times because of the standard operating procedures that have been put in place and have been crafted through evaluating best practices.  This includes having the user set the priority level of the opened support ticket, ensuring that what your priority is becomes our priority. In addition to customers setting the priority level, HubWise Technology believes in maintaining a staffing level that is conducive to quick response and resolution times.  This not only means keeping enough support personnel on the support desk, but also only hiring staff that are certified as level two support and higher.  All our support personnel are enabled to and can fix your day-to-day IT problems. What might be the most important factor in keeping our response and resolution times low is the internal culture that has been crafted.  It is a point of pride within the company that these numbers are extremely low and we hold an all hands-on deck mentality if our support desk becomes inundated with calls or emails.

If you keep using your current managed service provider, are you at risk of losing potential clientele? If you would like to see how HubWise Technology focuses on doing better, please reach out to us or call Jason Moen at 402-339-7441.