5 Technology trends for 2020

We are currently amid the greatest technology revolution since the industrial age.  Technology is moving forward at an incredible rate of speed, and we can only predict how these changes will affect our lives moving forward.

What are some of the biggest trends slated for the New Year? AI as a Service, 5G networks, autonomous driving, hyper-automation and practical blockchain.  How will these new technologies and trends change how business is performed in 2020?

Artificial Intelligence

AI as a Service (AIaaS) will allow easier access to Artificial Intelligence without a large investment.  AIaaS broken down is a service that is offered by companies that currently have an AI platform and infrastructure in place.  These services will continue to grow in 2020.  For an example, Google’s Cloud Platform has a varied array of in-house AI capabilities, including speech recognition, translation, image content identification and maybe most importantly for AIaaS, predictive analytics.  Google also offers it’s TensorFlow software library via an Open Source Apache license for use.

5G Wireless

5G is coming and it is coming soon, new data speeds will as much as 100 times faster than what is currently being offered through 4G, with up to 100 gigabit per second download speed.  When 4G debuted, speeds were up to 500 times faster than 3G and allowed true HD TV on mobile, fast mobile browsing and made high-quality video calls all a possibility.  5G allows a true development of the Internet of Things with the predicted 20 billion connections by the end of 2020 and will reduce latency.  This reduction in latency should allow your data connections to replace cabled internet and WIFI.  This quicker data will allow seamless flow of data whether you are working from your office or on the road.

Autonomous (self-driving) Vehicles

2020 should produce major changes in the availability and usage of autonomous driving capable vehicles.  Self-driving cars are already a reality, but it is a new technology that still needs more being testing and improvement before it can authentically become practical for everyday use.  Uber recently purchased 600 acres to be used as a testing ground with hopes of being able to deploy autonomous vehicles in the near future.  Waymo has been testing its driverless taxi service in localized parts of Phoenix for over a year and have over 1,500 monthly active users with over 100,000 total rides.


Automation is the process of replacing work that has been traditionally done by humans with technology.  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the advances in the available tools for RPA have made Automation easier to achieve.  Hyperautomation allows businesses to automate more complex work.  It uses a combination of advanced technologies including Machine Learning (ML) and AI.  This will change the focus of automation from simple rules-based tasks to knowledge work, this shift should allow for a greater ROI. The use of AI and ML in combination will allow automation for tasks that have been thought of in the past as only capable by humans.


Practical applications of Block Chain management are becoming a reality.  In the simplest terms a blockchain is a database that is shared across a network of computers.  It is made up of 3 parts, the record, information, the block, a bundle of records and the chain, all the blocks linked together.  These records when linked together are very difficult to change and the records are usually decentralized.  Blockchains have been the basis for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for years, but many other practical uses are beginning to emerge.  Emerging uses include banking records, supply chain management, healthcare, property records and even voting.  These networks can be set up to allow multiple companies access to critical encrypted records but not allow access to private data.  To manage a supply chain, currently most companies use a slow, manual process.  With blockchain, unchangeable records can be added which will allow tracking materials from the original source all the way to the final user or endpoint.  You could track diamonds and ensure they are truly conflict free prior to purchase or verify that your organic beef is from a trusted source.

As technology advances, is your company situated to take advantage of these changes?  If you are not sure, contact HubWise Technologyjmoen@hubwisetech.com or 402-339-7441.