Core Purpose? Do Better.

Do Better

At HubWise a key part of our business is our One Page Plan.  It’s the one document everyone in the company, from the owners down, can reference to understand the directions, goals, strategy, and the vision for the organization.  It defines who we are, what we do, and most importantly, why we do what we do.

That last part, why, is the driver behind the Core Purpose.  It’s the heart of the company, it goes to answer, “Why does what we do matter”?

Simon Sinek has a TED Talk called Start With Why.  It’s a fantastic discussion about focusing on why you are in business as opposed to focusing on what you do.

When starting HubWise we knew that we want to make a difference, we wanted to help, we wanted to drive success for ourselves and our customers.  We knew we want to Do Better.  It’s a phrase that gets said around the office constantly and is always in the back of our minds.

We want to Do Better for our customers, our employees, our community, and our business.  HubWise is always on the lookout for the next thing that we can improve.  We encourage everyone to take part.   It doesn’t always have to be related to technology.  Painting a wall, cleaning up your desk, or even just rearranging the office are all things that can make things better.  Sometimes, doing better takes a lot of work, sometimes it’s simple.

Do Better is a rallying cry for our company and what we want to accomplish, it encapsulates why we do what we do.  We wake up everyday looking for the things we can improve.  It permeates everything we do, and is the guiding light in how we conduct ourselves and our business.