What’s New in Apple’s iOS 13

With technology changing daily, companies are competing to be the newest and fastest. Apple has been known for always making great looking products and simple to use software. They have always been forced to find the white line between features and complexity of the devices. As time goes on, it appears Apple is finally playing catch-up, giving us the features Android has had for many years. With iOS 13 Apple will be releasing many features (some unique) that should make everyday life a lot easier. Apple is finally adding dark mode to their devices. This has been a long-awaited feature that android has done for so long I am happy to finally see Apple following suite.

There are some newer features Apple has to offer. First off, it will have the option to silence unknown callers. This option will let you send all unknown callers straight to voicemail automatically, saving you time wasted on spam callers. Next is optimized battery charging. This option is to improve battery performance. Once the setting is enabled your iPhone learns your charging habits and can wait to charge your phone completely until you need it. For example, if you wake up at 7 AM every day, your phone will charge you to about 80% up until 6 AM and will charge the remaining 20% so its at 100 just as you wake up.

Next, they have low data mode. This is very important as carrier companies keep raising prices per GB and pushing us onto even pricier unlimited plans. Lastly, the location settings. With IOS 13 you will have the option to go to each individual app and change the location services and set it to ask every time you open each app.