HubWise Welcomes Jason Moen

HubWise Welcomes Jason Moen

I’m thrilled to welcome Jason Moen to the HubWise Team.  Jason is joining us from a career in sales at several other stops, but this will be his first foray into Managed Services.  He is excited to start learning how HubWise helps our customers business success and helping other companies learn about HubWise. 

Jason will be involved in developing HubWise’s ongoing sales and marketing efforts and helping to develop ongoing programs such as our customer referral program.   

Jason’s background in sales and business development will help him to understand how HubWise works with our customers and how we help to drive their success.  Jason is going to be tasked with the job of telling other business and organizations about HubWise and helping to determine how we can help them. 

We are excited for our existing and future customers to start working with Jason in the near future. 

Technology Hail Storm!

Technology Hail Storm!

Hole in your technology roof, call HubWise.

HubWise is working with a roofing and sheet metal company on their technology needs.  The company, which has seen tremendous growth over the last 5 years, needed help navigating the technology world to enable the business to take advantage. 

The company was looking for someone who could understand how their business works, and what needed to be done to enable employees to be more productive and efficient with technology.  HubWise will be helping the organization with day-to-day support, but also involved in the helping to define the direction of technology in the company.  With cloud solutions, drones, and other industry specific applications, HubWise will use it’s extensive knowledge of business and technology to help guide the company in it’s growth.

HubWise will position technology changes that enable the business to take advantage of the changes to the industry and ensure that the last 5 years of growth continue into the next 5 years.

Need help understanding your technology and predicting the future?  Reach out today.

HubWise Enters New Partnership for Sage Sales and Support

HubWise Enters New Partnership for Sage Sales and Support

HubWise Technology, Inc., a managed service provider (MSP) and information technology consultancy firm today announced a new partnership with BrainSell Technologies.  BrainSell is a value-added reseller that specializes in end-to-end business software technologies and unbiased consulting and implementation services for organizations of all sizes.

HubWise has partnered with BrainSell on HubWise’s Sage 100 enterprise resource planning (ERP) practice.  BrainSell will deliver ongoing account management and support for HubWise’s Sage 100 customers.

HubWise is enthusiastic for the future of the partnership.  Kyle Swanda, Executive Vice President, at HubWise says that this new partnership is a win for everyone – the HubWise team, BrainSell, and most importantly, their clients.

“We spent a lot of time looking for a new partner and did not make this decision lightly. After considering our options, we feel that BrainSell is a perfect fit for HubWise,” says Swanda. “Our goal is to provide improved services, support, and product expertise for our clients with help from BrainSell. We’re excited for what’s ahead.”

Jim Ward, BrainSell CEO, is equally as enthusiastic for the future.

“HubWise is a very unusual group – and what I mean by that is that they’re unusually easy to work with,” says Jim Ward, BrainSell CEO. “They are a pleasant, professional, hard-working group of excellent good communicators. We’re looking forward to helping both HubWise and their clients continue to succeed.”

HubWise will continue to focus on its managed services business and helping small and medium sized businesses use technology as a strategy and to grow.

About HubWise

HubWise Technology, Inc., founded in 2017, was started to help businesses get more out of their technology by solving day-to-day problems while also providing strategic guidance for the future.  HubWise provides managed services and ongoing consulting for small and medium sized businesses nationally and uses its years of expertise in helping to drive strategy and the right use of technology.  HubWise helps business break down the barriers between the server room and the board room.

About BrainSell

Since its founding in 1994, BrainSell has engineered smart growth with business savvy software and consulting services for clients of all sizes across North America. BrainSell uses a proven method called Ready? Set. Grow! to help growing businesses identify the clearest areas of potential growth and improvement in their processes. If software can help your business’s processes, then BrainSell’s team of technology experts will guide you through choosing the best platforms for the job.

We Want You… To Work Here!

We Want You… To Work Here!

HubWise Technology is growing, we need good people!

Come be a part of a growing business and define your career path.

HubWise Technology has been around for about a year and we have been growing rapidly.  We are always looking for the right people to come join our team.  If you like helping people and interacting with technology, then drop your name in the hat and let’s talk.

When we started HubWise we set out with a goal to change the idea of what a technology provider could be.  We’ve been in the business for 20+ years , so we’ve seen the good and the bad.  Finding people who share our same beliefs and ideals is key to changing the industry.

What’s a HubWiser?

We are looking for folks who enjoy being challenged everyday, learning and participating in a rapidly changing environment, and want to grow with the company.  Successful HubWisers are self-motivated, challenge the status quo, and enjoy helping with technology.

If you think this describes you, head over to our Career Page and check out our open positions, don’t see something that fits, but still want to work here, fill out our contact page.

HubWise in Vegas drives Technology Strategy

HubWise in Vegas drives Technology Strategy

No luck at the craps table, but met lots of good people.

Scott and I had an opportunity to spend some time in Fabulous Las Vegas last week at the Kaseya Connect conference.  Kaseya is the platform we use to help us manage our customers endpoints and systems.  While a good focus of the conference was technical in nature, we did get an opportunity to meet and chat with a number of folks about the direction of the managed services business and the technology industry as a whole.

Tech doesn’t have to be a cost center

I expect the next few years to bring a lot of change and transformation to the technology industry.  The migration and drive towards the cloud is changing the requirements for businesses to run.  Now, a new company can startup and get running with a limited amount of capital by utilizing cloud and web based services.  Spending OPEX vs CAPEX money makes is easier to start and grow and reduces requirements for liabilities and taking on investors.  It’s reducing the cost of entry not just for technology based business but also traditional business.  Entrenched business in certain industries may start to feel some increased pressure from low-cost startup competitors and existing competitors that have embraced a change in how to conduct business.  Technology and the use of it doesn’t have to be relegated to the basement.  Technology can be used to provide strategic advantages and help to increase productivity, profitability, and give back time to employees and management.

Trees and Technology!

Trees and Technology!

Landscaping and Nursery company selects HubWise Technology

In an ever changing landscape (yep, I did it), businesses need help ensuring that their technology is one step ahead.  HubWise Technology is helping one business do just that.  The company, which has been in business for over 40 years, is looking to transform the way they use technology to help drive productivity, profitability, and time savings.  HubWise was selected to help with the day-to-day support of the existing technology needs while also providing a strategic look at how technology can help to reduce lost time and increase productivity.  Some of the current initiatives involve reducing the amount of paperwork generated on a day-by-day basis, while others are more encompassing involving sales and project management.  HubWise is looking to show that money can grow on trees!

401 OK! Benefits Company selects HubWise for Tech Upgrade and Support

401 OK! Benefits Company selects HubWise for Tech Upgrade and Support

Employee Benefits Company selects HubWise for technology upgrade and ongoing support and management.

The company, which has both a physical office and many traveling employees, has a unique document management need that was met with HubWise Technology solutions and Office 365.  A majority of the documents and files that were being accessed both in the office and on the road were move to SharePoint Online.  This allows everyone to take advantage of the benefits of an online storage solution.  Before the migration the employees that were on the road were often calling into the office to have the necessary files emailed to them.  Now anyone can access the files anywhere, any time, and on any device.

HubWise also worked with the company to upgrade the internal network and servers.  There is still a need for local storage to run a few apps, and the wireless network was upgraded to support up to 100 people.  With a large conference room often being used to present to potential and existing clients, it was important that the guests had access to a secured wireless network.

Finally, given the sensitive data the business may need to deal with while working with clients, it was paramount that the technology security was taken into account during the process.  HubWise configured Office 365 with the latest security offerings to ensure that data was protected.  Advanced Threat Protection and Email encryption were both enabled to ensure the inbound and outbound emails were protected.

HubWise is supporting the organization ongoing in both day-to-day technology support and ongoing help defining business needs and how technology can enable them.